Hello! Salut!

My name is Madeline Williams, the female personification of Canada. I'm a little bit shy I guess, but I would love to talk to any of you and take your questions! Don't hesitate to ask me anything on here. Oh, and please don't think I'm Amelia. We really don't look alike so, I don't see how that happens...

((OOC: Hey everyone! I'll be your fem!canada on here for the evening. I saw some others, but they didn't seem active, earliest posts being a month ago for some. There are already doubles anyways so I guess it doesn't hurt for me to exist! I'm open for rps on here as well as asks, but I don't want to flood peoples dashes with rp posts so if a lot o people end up wanting to (which I doubt) I'll make another account.

Thanks! <3~ ))

(Also already answered!)

Aaah, crushes are so embarrassing!

And it’s such a complicated issue when we deal with the situations we do!

fuzzymoony said: How is your relationship with your sister(Ameriko)?

(( Sorry to answer like this guys, but I don’t really want to redraw questions I’ve already answered! ))

I’ll tell you right here!

I think we get along well!